Bioidentical Hormone Reviews and Testimonials

“I’m very happy with the service Dr. James Lewerenz has given me in reference to the Hormone Replacement Therapy. I have been using the cream for 4 months now and am feeling so much better, full of energy, and feeling much happier.” – M.S., Female, 72

“I am a patient at the Lewerenz Medical Center. I am fifty-five years old and have the usual aches and pains of men my age. My energy level isn’t what it used to be and my joints are sore. I just don’t really feel like doing anything besides sitting and watching television.

Dr. Lewerenz suggested hormone therapy, so I agreed to give it a try. That was five months ago. The change, although gradual, has been quite surprising. Physically, I have much more energy, but the sprucing part, is that mentally I’m up for doing fun things with friends and family that I wouldn’t have, just five months ago.

Dr. Lewerenz also said this would improve dry skin that we all know comes with aging. That turned out to be an understatement. The dry winter skin I get on my face every year for the past ten years just didn’t happen this year. I also had several small patches of eczema on my hands and arms for years that have completely disappeared. Hormone therapy has greatly improved the quality of my life.”

Thank you, – MLB

“Dr. Lewerenz, I can not thank you enough. I went to see several doctors and got nowhere, even worse feeling! Thank you for correcting my hormones and other nutritional levels! My family thanks you! I finally feel back to normal. Normal energy, mind, mood, etc. Thanks again Doc! You’re the best!” – KT, 34, Male

“Dr. Lewerenz, recommended I take hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Lewerenz was correct in his assessment. As a result of taking the hormone replacement, it heightened my sexual capacity and made me feel normal again”

Thank you, – W.S., Age 66, Male

“I am writing this letter as a result of my extreme satisfaction with the expert and comprehensive care that you and your staff provide. As a knowledgable, compassionate, and innovative professional you empower me with sound advice that is easily understood as it relates to my health.

You approach is very pleasant, your attitude is non-condescending, your attentiveness is sincere and you have SMILE that lights up any room and lessens the stress level immediately. Your staff possess a genuine level of courtesy and a desire to be more efficient and helpful (especially Suzie). Dr. Lewerenz, you truly are a man of integrity who listens and uses the God given sense, strength, and wisdom to make decisions that affect many of our daily lives.

I truly feel blessed to be in the care of such a young, dedicated, professional physician as yourself and look forward to getting healthier and better while in your care. I will continue to support you and encourage others to seek your help as needed.” – K. H., Female, Age 52